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Arlene NSA

I'm a Notary Signing Agent and this app is perfect. Take a photo make it a PDF and send email...

Great app!

Fast & reliable

Muito bom

Prático, rápido e muito útil. Tudo que preciso para scanear meus documentos. Grata

Great product when your on the go

Super easy app to use when needing to copy or create a pdf document. Quick, easy and very intuitive.

Great App

This app has been a great time saver!

Keeps crashing

When saving to pdf, app crashes- completely useless app until that is fixed.

I'd expect better

There are dozens of apps that will allow export to PDF for nothing, why bother charging $9.99 a month just to allow exporting? OCR is nice, but $9.99 a month, really? Seems like a rather greedy business model. You'd think that with a monopoly on everything else in their toolset, and being subscription based for the creative suite that they could offer one of the most basic elements free of charge. Nope!

Soooo easy and efficient !!!

This has been a huge asset to my day!! No more sending a picture! And using data! This app is great! Easy ,fast & simple !

It works!

I just needed to capture pics from my iPhone, convert to PDF and email. May do other things better or worse but I don't care. It does what I need


As a student, thanks for providing a free easy way to make pdfs.

Fast !

Love this it's clean and easy

Adobe Scan

I love it!!!!!! Very easy to scan.

Thank you!!!

Scanning was never so easy and convenient with this app. Made my life more efficient& effective!!

It really works! It's simple and fast!

I've been using cell phone apps since the Blackberries, and I don't remember any app like this. It is the easiest app to use ever! In seconds you get things done, and perfectly done!

So far it works well!

👍🏻. Works well!

4 Stars

Nice n simply


Amazing and useful app

So far, so good...

This app does it's job. No complaints, yet.


Easy to use and you can get work done fast.

Great App

This app works really well! Gave four stars instead of five because there is limited editing options but the PDF's turn out good.


It is fantastic except that it works more like an editor, because its scanning option does not work optimally.

Life saver.

Works great and the scan is really clear. I have been really impressed. This has saved me several times already when I am not in the office and need to scan and type on a PDF document.

Beats the competition

This is surely one of the best scan apps available. It's fast and has all the necessary functionalities.

Best Scanning App

I've downloaded quite a few scanning apps, and this is by far the simplest, quickest and most efficient app!



Saved me from drowning!

I was in my canoe on the Delaware when a passing yacht swamped me and I went under. Along came Adobe Scan and it pulled me out of the murky depths, dragging me to the muddy banks. What more could you ask of an app?

It's very useful and it's honestly the best scanning app that i've ever used

Thank you so much<3

Hugh Lewis

Easy to use on the go.

Another Awesome Adobe App

This app improves my workflow so much, I can't imagine using anything else. You need this app.

No more copy machine:scanner

I already hardly print out anything, so I only use it for a scanner. Now I can retire that function. This is awesome and I will archive all receipts and everything else here. What, this is free? Awesome!

Handy & quick

It's a bit too quick when lining up document & taking photo with iPhone. But overall I use it nearly daily because it is incredibly convenient. No need for a printer/scanner with this handy tool.

Cool app!!

I've been able to scan anything and create a PDF off it. I just hope they're not stealing the info.

Love it

5 stars

Best Scanning app

I absolute love this app. The things I see I expected because adobe is large and big company. Forget the recent scanners I've used. Switch to Adobe Scan!!

Easy to use great tool

Has great ease of use and helpful tool

Adobe scanner

Easy app


Useful easy... Meets a very basic everyday but important need!!

Love it

Just got it so far I love it.

Love it!

This is absolutely wonderful!

Love it

Excellent app! Use it a lot, no issues:-)

Best app

I love to use it


Useful but minor improvements and additions and options to coloring would be good.


The most useful app to scan and convert to PDF. Excellent

Love it

Absolutely the best scanning app out there. The load time can be slightly more efficient. Overall, great app


I downloaded this app for my orgo lab so I can upload my labs for grading and I was stunned at how easy this app is to use. Extremely user friendly and works 1000 times better than I was anticipating! Thank you adobe

Scan adobe

Saved many miles into town to have docs scanned at the local ups store when my scanner quit. Great little app!

Very convenient

I love that you can send the PDF file right after your done scanning.

Works like a charm!

I love how simple and easy this is. So long, clunky scanner!

Works great

I downloaded this in a few seconds and used it to create a PDF and emailed it from within the app. This is pretty convenient and time saving. I used to use my printers scanner but not anymore.

Great tool

Easy,effective. Great tool

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