Adobe Scan App Reviews

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Fast easy on the road need this

Great to scan on the go!

No more bad photos of paperwork or forms- Great to be able to scan when not at home.

Awesome application

As its a product of adobe, i was expecting it to be good. And it is. Its handy and user friendly.

The best

The best scanner I’ve ever used

Nursing school

This app saved me in clinicals and all the paperwork we have to get to our instructors.

Le Excellente

Awesome app Love it


The Adobe app is fantastic

It’s getting there

Better each version But adobe, like Apple is going to not listen to customers and take good features away and add useless ones. Fortunately the other features are worth putting up with their youthful enthusiasm to mess with established principles.




Easy to use.

Nice app

So far so good

New User

I am a very new user to this app, however so far I think it’s awesome!


Very nice and user friendly!

It works



Works like a charm

Awesome App!

The best and easiest app to use for converting documents. I’ve started to promote this app within my school district. Love it!


Great app

Works well.

Works well.

Extremely useful

This is exactly what I needed for school!

Great app

Love how quick and easy it is to use

Easy and Clean

Never used another scanning app, but that one works just fine, Fast , easy and Clean. 👍👍

Great tool on the go

Adobe Scan works really well and easily captures docs quickly.

Many Options…

Being an Adobe app, I’m not surprised that my first encounter with this on my iPad was five-star. There are many options for importing, exporting, sharing, and so on. My main concern is getting PDF’s into my regular workflow so I can move back and forth to my Mac and other devices. Adobe has done well in thinking this through.. What I’ve seen so far is great! Simple, easy to use, intuitive interface…

Great scans!

I have had the hardest time trying to find a way to take an image without a shadow on the document.... I love that adobe scan can make such great quality pictures by removing the shadows! This is my new favorite app!

Love the adobe scan and easy to use!

I run a home based childcare. I love the app. My husband setup the printer and my phone to be connected wirelessly. Anytime I need to make a copy of any document or worksheets for kids,I just scanned and print from my phone. Also I can send the scanned documents to parents by email. It is so easy to use and fast. No need to run to computer to scan documents or make copy traditionally hard way. I recommend this app to everyone!

Works just fine

Sometimes doesn’t recognize well the document

Adobe scan

It scan automatically. It is the best


I’m so impressed! Definitely 5/5

No complaints

I do wish it had a better viewer for list of scans and I wish I could have more organization tools. But love the search page function, so amazing!

auto scan is a horrible option

it clicks away, only taking a picture of half of the paper. Here’s an idea, let us take the picture ourselves. I’m tired of fighting with this dumb app. c’mon adobe, you’re adobe!


Very Nice 👍🏽

I like this scanning app

The Adobe scanning app makes it easy to scan and send easily. It works well with documents and pictures. I am so thankful to have found a decent, free, scanning app; I have tried many others and they don’t compare well.

iOS security guide

For Apple

Works great

Very Useful for Ipad, works awesome

New user

Super easy so far! I’ll update after I’ve been able to manage the scanned documents

The best scan software ever

I’ve been a DocScanner fan for years, but when I received this as part of the adobe cs suite, I gave it a try. I’ll never go back!


Love this product it’s the best

Great app

Great app for scanning love it.

This app is a joke

Besides forcing the files you scan to upload in their cloud you can’t even save the files locally so what’s the use of this app?? Go download another app like CamScanner and save time.

Fast and easy

Easy to use

Good scanning.

Works perfect for me.

Adobe scan is great

Convenient to use, works well.

Very Useful!

Scans documents and puts them in their original format, not like just taking a picture. Highly recommend!

Works great!

Just got it and converting screenshots to PDF. Works great, relatively fast.

Great scan to file in Dr Office

My mother’s doctor gave her some letters to give to the people at the care center where she lives. I wanted a copy. Rather than have them scan another copy, waste paper, then take it home & probably lose it before I get around to scan it, I found I had this app on my phone. I tried it. Scanned two letters and directly added them, as PDFs, to my on-line documents. How great. So far, I love this.

Adobe scan from iPhone

Works great. Makes my job as an HR Director so much easier

Great way to capture

Adobe scan is a great way to capture documents that you need saved. Simple to capture easy to share. I recommend it to everybody.

Easy to use

So simple I didn’t have to think about it :)


Very helpful:)

Scan whole or half page.

App is having trouble distinguishing between scanning a whole or half page.

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