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It's effective

Needs work but it works

Hello documents!!!

Awesome n very easy too use thanks for this app.

Easy to use

Wish it had editing ability to photos a few more tools would be nice

In his likeness

The scan work good I was able to bring a paper I was working on one device to another thanks


Love this app!


Super easy to scan images and converts images to text flawlessly. Oh what a blessing and time saver! Thank you Adobe!

Crisp! 🍄

Beautiful scans, I would imagine with the right camera also on your mobile device.

Super easy - Super convenient!!!!

Love the ease and convenience of this app. I’ve used it at crucial times and it has been awesome!

Works great!


Quick, easy and looks great!

My daughter forgot an assignment for school. I opened adobe, took a photo scan. The app cropped and cleaned it up automatically for me. I had it scanned and emailed to her teacher in under a minute. And no late grade on the assignment! Lifesaver! :)

Adobe Scan — The bomb!

It takes a fraction of the time I used to use to get the quality scan I need. Whoa! Incredibly fast. I've been recommending it to people. A recommendation is to design an option that would allow user to indicate proper alignment. I have to retake scans sometime the action is so fast I’ve not yet positioned my device accurately.

Please get rid of Blue Box Helper

Love this app!! But on newest update you have created a blue box helper (even when auto is turned off) that makes it difficult to take pictures of whole documents or just to have your own control. If there is a need for this support feature, please make it an option to turn on and off. Thanks!! Otherwise, app is a five!

Nice App...

Nice tonuse it.

Great scanner

Very fast and easy to use

Cropping is super sensitive

The cropping option is really sensitive and hard to control on an iPhone when you’re cropping an 8.5x11 page. The crop needs to be less responsive/sensitive so you can get it just right and not screw it up when you go to take your finger off the screen. I am giving it one star for this in the hopes that it makes it onto the list of issues to address. If this gets fixed the app would probably be a 4 or 5 star app.

Great app. Easy to use.

Great app. Easy to use and great results.

Too good to be true

It is amazing what this scanner can do

Very impressed

I’m a real fan - The simplicity and ease with which you can scan and create high quality PDFs is excellent.


برنامج سهل وحلو استعماله

Better than the others

I have Downloaded several scanner apps. This one seems to work the best, the fastest save time, and has more flexibility to email the scan quickly and manipulate the scanned doc intuitively. I don’t usually like to give the “big name” app good feedback but in this case, it’s well deserved.


Easy to create PDFs and share them via text email WhatsApp or to your cloud storage.

Great App

Downloaded this app while my main computer was in the shop and the scanner I have wouldn’t work with the laptop. App works great, scans quickly and perfectly and allows me to load the documents into database in the cloud.

Very nice, but lacking even basic security

Have used Adobe Scan a number of times now as it’s very easy to use, the auto capture feature is remarkably accurate, and a nice interface all around. However my main problem with it is the lack of any form of security/passcode on the app. I sometimes have to scan sensitive or peoples private information and will not use Adobe for this on my phone as anyone could access this information if unlocked. Will continue to mainly use ScannerPro unless security is addressed.


Worst piece of $&1! EVER

Great Scanner!!

Very easy to use. I've tried a bunch and this has become my "go to" scanner.

Nice app

I would recommend it for the people who loves their docs to be organized.

Scan on!

Excellent App!!!

Very easy to use app

I have just tried it twice but like it so far


Always have my phone(usually)so always have a scanner. Easy. Great tool when on the road, and in need of a quick pdf. Click. Love it!

Great to scan quickly

Really like this capability!

Great receipt scanner

I’ve been using this app for receipt scanning. It works perfectly for my bookkeeping without having to keep the paper receipt. Great app!!

Adobe Scan App

This is an excellent app that is easy to use. I don’t know if I could do without it.

Adobe Scan

easy to use

Love it!

Great app!

Barcode scanning

Scan barcodes very well :-)

Best app ever!


Great app

Been a great app.

Easy and Effective

Perfect way to use your mobile phone camera to create PDF documents.


This is the best mobile scanner so far.

Need to scan and send docs with only your iPhone?

I did. This worked perfectly. Easy to use, fast and simple. Will have to sign-in with Facebook/Google/or create an account before use.

Makes life easier

Whether I need to quick scan something when I’m on the road, or the scanner is acting up at work, this is a great tool to have on my phone.

Works well most of the time

Feels like an immature product that will get better. It has amazing abilities but sometimes the Adobe document cloud is down with no explanation to users - what is causing that problem, when it will be resolved. If you sign out, it looks as though you’ve lost all your scans even though they are saved in the document cloud. I also wish the program had better integration with Dropbox and other storage networks

ASF Ironworks inc and Huckleberry Fence & Deck inc

Awesome program


Great app

Love it

Great got taking notes. If you dont want to mess up and highlight your hard copy.

Great app. Good quality scans. Easy to use.

Best iPhone scanner app I have come across and I have tried over 25. Adobe Scan puts CamCard to shame. It’s free too!

Love it

So grateful for this app!

Easier to use than CamScanner

This app automatically snaps the pic of each page for you. I love Adobe apps for iPhone! They're powerfully useful.

Great for anyone who wants to get paper to digital with as all Adobe tools.

The software is free, more intricate than it may seem, easy to use, and is backed by the comittment of Adobe, Inc. Product continues to improve, and combined with Acrobat or other Adobe iPad Pro apps, just about as good for someone who preserves, categorizes, presents, and shares documents after easy editing and repesoitory in the Creative or Document clouds. In the end, its user choice, with some good alternatives, but this has long term potential and integration is important for ease of use and quality control. I always return to Adobe Scan after trying everything else new. The developers I believe, will maintain their pride in applying knowledge from so many areas within Adobe, that it will become a “Professional” Standard in not too long. Enjoy watching techology change at an accelerating pace. We are envisioning capabilities as though they will come to fuition in a year, but what we can only imagine now, is already very likely a reaity in the making all around us. Thanks Adobe. DDoherty

Very fast and accurate

Easy to use. Works very well

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